Microprocessor Knee (MPK) Series

The V One microprocessor four-bar pneumatic knee prosthesis has self adjusting technology combined with a 4-bar polycentric design to create a natural walking style for the user that is smooth, safe and energy efficient.

Detect at any time :
for even more everyday flexibility

A G-sensor, gyroscope, and magnetic sensor detect impaction, movement, speed, and spatial orientation responding to changes in the user's demands.

Self-Learning technology  

Microprocessor technology, which is capable of analyzing multiple data and sensor inputs hundreds of times a second, combined with the inherent design advantages of a polycentric knee in both swing and stance phase provide self-learning capabilities creating a knee that functions naturally and continuously adapts to the user's needs.

Incomparably close to nature :
Unique 4-bar linkage MPK

With microprocessor pneumatic swing control the V-One controls heel rise across a range of walking speeds and the polycentric design with an extension assist spring will also make it easier to initiate swing, saving energy with every step and ensuring a more natural walking style.

Simple control on the go :
One-Step Programming

Programming V-One just got faster and easier. With its simple to follow automated smart programming, you can complete limb set up with fewer steps while still having access to more advanced fine tuning if required.

Change Prosthesis Settings Yourself

If the user has a specific activity and would like more or less freedom of motion the resistance settings can be easily changed by the user to meet their requirements.

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Carbon, Titanium alloy, Aluminum alloy

215mm for A-TGK-4PSOIC-A01/B01
228mm for A-TGK-4PSOIC-C01

1060g  A-TGK-4PSOIC-A01
1080g  A-TGK-4PSOIC-B01
1130g  A-TGK-4PSOIC-C01


125 kg

Bluetooth Class II

A01  no thread at the centro-bolt of knee head
B01  having thread at the centro-bolt of knee head
C01  having male pyramid of knee head

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