TEH LIN's service purpose is to provide the most perfect prosthetic solution for every aspect of evaluation, rehabilitation, fabrication, and component performance. We also provide reliable warranty service and after sales support. In cooperation with excellent global brands, TEH LIN group can offer customers a large range of diverse component choices providing many custom prosthetic solutions in order to develop a patient's potential and capability using a prosthesis.

We are glad to cooperate with following international companies as partners for prosthetic and orthotic technologies with the purpose to create and provide the best solution for patients in Asia and improving their capabilities and quality of life.

OSSUR is a global prosthetic and orthotic company, dedicated to providing prosthetic and orthotic services. OSSUR provides creative and technically advanced solutions for prosthetics, orthotics, and rehabilitation therapy. OSSUR has 14 business locations worldwide, over 3000 employees, with extensive business in America, Europe and Asia. The headquarters is located in Iceland.

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA group’s major products include prosthetics, orthotics, neural devices, and rehabilitation equipment. It also provides comprehensive technical service. Through more than 40 sales and service branches around the world, 7 research and development centers, and a sales network of over 140 countries and regions, and in close cooperation with customers that include government departments, amputee charities, and medical systems.

The headquarters of BECKER Orthopedic is located in Detroit, Michigan, USA. With a history over 85 years, their major business is to design and manufacture orthotic components with sales, service, and support to more than 50 countries in the world. Their most famous and recognized components are metal knee and ankle components. Providing excellent quality and numerous functional solutions their products include weight activated locking knee joints, microprocessor controlled knee joints, and double or triple action ankle joints. BECKER products offer beneficial and well-designed solutions for patients with polio, cerebral palsy, and many other neuromuscular or musculoskeletal problems.

Developed in 2004, Rodin4D is a comprehensive CAD/CAM system, utilizing a 3 dimensional scanner to capture an image of the patient’s trunk or involved limb converting this to data files that can be modified and adjusted using RODIN4D software and creating the optimal design for the orthosis or prosthesis. The result is a comfortable and highly functional product for the patient. A leader in CAD/CAM technology, RODIN4D’s hardware and software is being used in over 150 companies, clinics and institutions around the world.

Allard group includes different subsidiary companies for production, sales, and service. Allard was founded in 1950 and has a deep influence in the orthotic industry. Their production scope includes the application of various bracing and protective devices for use in rehabilitation and orthopedics, as well as they also manufacture various parts for custom orthotics. Their famous ToeOFF carbon fiber AFO and SWASH Childrens Hip Orthosis have helped many affected people with lower limb problems solve the difficulty of movement, providing a better quality of life.

WillowWood is located in Ohio, USA and was established in 1907, the founder, Arbogast was a bilateral amputee. Their products include various gel liners, including an intelligent temperature control silicone gel liner and electric pneumatic valve suspension system. Globally they have over 20 offices and agencies. In their 100 year history, WillowWood has always followed their founding mission, investing in product research and development in order to provide the patient with the most comfortable prosthesis possible.

Trulife is an international brand and company that focuses on developing products for custom orthotics and prosthetics. Trulife’s headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. There are more than 300 cooperative vendors around the world featuring Trulife’s products with the major markets being America, Canada, Britain and Ireland. Trulife’s quality standards exceed ISO 22675, IS10328 certification and also complies with regulations and standards of European Union.

College Park was established in
Michigan, USA in 1988. Using the principle of anatomy to design a series of highly customized prosthetic foot and ankle systems. College Park is sold in more than 35 countries around the world. College Park has also exceeded the standards for ISO13485 certification. The entire product line is made and manufactured in America to the highest quality standards.

Aspen is a leader in the design and production of spinal orthotics. Aspen was established in California, USA in 1999, and the major product is Aspen collar, as well as many other products focused on spinal stabilization and protection.

DAW INDUSTRIES was established in the USA in 1975 as a manufacturer of advanced prosthetic components and soft goods. DAW’s gel liners series for lower limb incorporate mineral oil to prevent common skin issues and moisturize the skin. The design of the liner has a variable thickness allowing for easier knee flexion and improving comfort.

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