Mr. Kuen-Lin Chen, the founder of TEH LIN Company, lost his precious left thigh on January 20, 1960 due to a car accident; His personal experience made him feel the pain of the disabled, but he made a big wish: "Research the prosthetic limb, save himself, and even help someone as unfortunate as himself!" This is the beginning of TEH LIN's prosthetic limb. Adhering to the belief of benefiting more disabled friends, after numerous experiments, he finally invented the "safe automatic control prosthetic foot" in 1963, and also won the patent certificate issued by the government, which is the first prosthesis of TEH LIN patent.

In 1974, Mr. Kuen-Lin Chen died due to hard work, and his successors still uphold the founder's firm belief: "We must continue to strive to make the prosthesis perfect and make the disabled more convenient." and continue struggling; So far, TEH LIN has over 100 domestic and foreign patents. However, TEH LIN team is not complacent and continues to strive diligently. From the fabrication of the prosthesis to the final steps, every detail is the focus of the team's improvement and innovation; Now it is more towards the development of high-tech and refined prostheses.

TEH LIN Prosthetics is a company full of glory! Commissioned by the government from 1969 to 1972 to assemble the prosthetic limbs of disabled veterans in Taiwan province, so that disabled veterans and friends restored their confidence in life and regained the glory of life; TEH LIN actively participated in the charitable activities of "Love Donate Prosthetics" and "Send Charcoal in the Snow - Donate Prostheses" by China Television Corporation and Police Radio Station. These efforts and actions were unanimously appreciated by people from various territories. TEH LIN has won many awards, such as National Award of Outstanding SMEs, Rising Star Award, Ministry of Finance Honest Taxpayer Award, Ministry of the Interior Award for Over-Using Persons with Disabilities, Gold Medal Award of iENA Nuremberg - International Trade Fair Ideas - Inventions - New Products, Gold Award of Exhibition of Inventions Geneva in Switzerland, National Brand Yushan Award, German Red Dot Design Award, Japan Good Design Award.

TEH LIN has also joined International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) and American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) as a member, working closely with the international prosthetic community to learn from each other's advanced technology, so that TEH LIN can fly forward and always have the latest technology and the newest Prosthetic medical equipment, etc.

After decades of efforts, TEH LIN started with the first generation of traditional rigid prostheses, then developed the skeletal type, and then inserted the card type, strapless type, roller type, hydraulic type, pneumatic type, and OPPO type. In recent years, the use of carbon fiber combined with the exquisite five-bar structure and precise electronic design, has developed an electronic knee joint with autonomous memory computing capabilities, which can adjust the bending angle and walking speed at any time according to the needs of disabled friends. It allows the wearer to move at the most comfortable pace on every kind of road surface. This technological breakthrough has greatly appreciated the prosthetic zone at domestic and international.

TEH LIN has always paid attention to product quality. It is the first manufacturer in Taiwan to pass the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) of medical equipment, and has also obtained ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, FDA, UL, etc. quality certification. The product's efficacy and durability have also passed the clinical tests of Berlin Institute of Technology, American Veterans of World War II (AMVETS), “Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare”, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and National Research Center of Rehabilitation Technical Aids in mainland China. On marketing affairs, TEH LIN currently has 6 operating organizations in Taiwan. There are nearly one hundred distribution service locations in mainland China, and the products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world.

Today, with outstanding achievements, as always adhering to the founder's spirit of serving the disabled, TEH LIN has not stopped the pace of progress, always moving forward, continue to work hard...

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