In TEH LIN's Fitting and Training Center, we are devoted to helping patients overcome challenges, regain the capability of function and activity, and finally be able to pursue the life they want. We realize what you care about is the most appropriate orthotic or prosthetic device with precise customization and improving your quality of life with reliable and compassionate patient care.

Acquiring the 3D Scan, digitally modifying the mold, 3D carving and printing, database management, and intelligent technologies are the areas we help patients. Starting from evaluation, designing the rehabilitation plan, assembly and fabrication of the orthosis or prosthesis, functional training with long term care and follow up. With the upgraded TL OLINK+ service we provide you comprehensive patient focused care.

Whether it is a prosthesis or custom orthosis, we can fulfill patients’ desires and requests. Integrating new thinking and technology, TEH LIN starts with a creative vision for the future, providing established 3D digital orthotic and prosthetic solutions, using a technically innovative operational platform, and thereby letting the patients experience a technologically advanced orthosis or prosthesis.

Consultation & Evaluation
Understanding the body, health status, your residual limb, the request for an orthosis or prosthesis, and your working environment.

Rehabilitation plan
Expert evaluation and diagnosis, based on desired outcome, make appropriate rehabilitation and fitting

Acquire 3D model instantly
Applying state-of-the-art scanning system to acquire the model for you, using an advanced technology laser scanner that will transform your body shape to a 3D image on the computer.

Intelligent fabrication
3D image file is sent to the Fabrication Center of TEH LIN to make the positive model for the orthosis or prosthesis, it is very convenient, quick, and precise.

Fitting and adjustment
Fitting evaluation, checking alignment, examining the motion of the hip, knee, and ankle joints, understanding the effectiveness of the orthotic or prosthetic control system, the length, weight, and ability to don/doff the device.

Life training
Instruct the patients how to use orthosis or prosthesis to deal with activities of daily living, including donning/doffing the orthosis or prosthesis, how to maintain and clean the device, improving gait including going up/down the stairs, walking on slopes, and coping with special pavement and various terrain. Ensuring the best capability when using the orthosis or prosthesis.

Warranty support
Extensive Service Network provides you the most convenient and readily available aftersales support. You are always welcome to adjust your orthosis or prosthesis by taking your warranty card to any of the TEH LIN offices.

Care and tracking
Periodically reminding you about important checkups to insure the orthosis or prosthesis is fitting and functioning properly and to provide additional training to improve your use and help meet life’s ever changing goals and activities. If a significant change is needed, we will make the most appropriate recommendation for a new device.

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