TL OLINK+ integrates TEH LIN’s abundant clinical experience and innovative technical element, understanding the patient’s perspective to provide the necessary and most appropriate service. Measured and custom made according to your requirement, effective, comfortable and improving the quality of your life.

With more carefulness and consideration, TL OLINK+ provides the highest level of care and is a trustworthy partner treating the patient as a member of the family, we accompany you on your journey to a more enjoyable, creative, and active lifestyle so you can have a wonderful life!

TL OLINK 8+ integrates advanced technology, such as 3D patient scanning, digital modification of the model, CAD/CAM manufacturing, 3D printing, and digital patient record management.

Whether it is a prosthesis or custom orthosis, we understand the patient’s needs and requirements. Integrating advanced techniques with the newest technologies TEH LIN strives to create a new future, providing 3D digital orthotic and prosthetic solutions, building data connected operational platforms, and giving patients a technically superior orthosis or prosthesis.

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